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Most of modern cars, both budget and more expensive classes, are equipped with units and blocks making it more convenient, safety and comfortable for driver and passengers. As the time goes by, these units fail and require repair or complete replacement, which the official dealers do. Of course, this is very expensive, because most  of these blocks cost a lot of money. But why do change a block that can be repaired? 

Our company sales cheap repair kits for various vehicle units. These repair kits are made up of high quality components same as original spare parts, and in some cases even exceed them in quality. 

We can offer you different repeir kits, such as:

Haldex pump repair kits: 1-5th generations,

— Robotic transmission repair kits such as: Opel Easytronic, Ford Durashift AST ESM, Honda Civic I-Shift 5D,

— Clutch motor actuator repair kits: Toyota Auris, Corolla, Verso, Yaris.

— Parking heaters repair kits: Webasto and Eberspacher of different modifications.

In some cases, it is not necessary to purchase a whole repair kit, but a customer needs to replace only one or several components. In such cases, we can offer our clients individual components such as: commutators for electric motors, copper-graphite brushes, ball bearings and anchors (rotors). If you are a representative of a car service and repair cars regulary, we are ready to offer our goods for bulk price, as well as a flexible system of discounts, depending on the number of purchased parts.

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